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Group Goals and Experimentation


    In this group, each members will set goals for interpersonal experiments during that day's group. These goals are initially decided by each member assessing how they relate to others and identifying something they want to change or something they want to try out instead. For example, if you find yourself having a hard time saying "no" to others, your goal might be "politely disagree with someone during group two times." If you find yourself often very inhibited and don't typically take initiative, your goal might be "change the topic of the group discussion once during group." If asking for help is difficult for you, you can make the goal of "asking for someone's support during group once."


    このグループでは、各メンバーがその日のグループ内での対人実験の目標を設定します。この目標は、各メンバーが自分の他者との関わり方を評価し、変えたいことや代わりに試してみたいことを見つけて、最初に決めます。例えば、人に「no」と言うのが苦手な人は、「グループ内で2回、相手に丁寧に反対意見を言う」という目標を立てます。自分は受け身な性格で、自分から積極的に行動しないことが多いと感じている人は、"グループの中で1回、話題を変える "という目標を立てるといいでしょう。助けを求めることが難しい場合は、"グループ内で1回、誰かにサポートを求める "という目標を立てることができます。


    At the beginning of class, each member writes their goal on the whiteboard, where everyone can see it. Group members can remind and encourage each other to accomplish their goals, and then also celebrate when the goal is accomplished. Group members can help facilitate situations where someone can practice their goal, and provide feedback on how that was like for them.



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