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Encounter Group


All real living is encounter (Martin Buber, 1958)


    Xander Zemi is an Encounter Group. These are intense groups where members learn about themselves, their own emotional and interpersonal styles, and how they typically relate to other people.


​”Encounter” simply means "to meet" or "to face sometyhing." It signifies not only "meeting someone," but also "meeting or facing" your and others' feelings, ideas, goals, and visions. How can we have a meaningful time with someone not just your family members or friends, but also with someone who have a different background than yours or someone who speaks a different language? What about building a good relationships with them? 


In this zemi, we focus on studying interpersonal and intrapersonal group dynamics, as well as developing a deep understanding of how we relate to ourselves and other people. Through experiential exercises, role-plays, reflection questions, and group discussions, you will build the skills you need to be yourself while connecting with others.



    At the beginning of zemi, the format is more structured. We typically start with a group activity, followed by a discussion, and then maybe a role-play. We debrief the day's meeting at the end, and students complete their journal entry within 24 hours after class ends. Xander responds to these journal entries and returns them to students at the beginning of next class. Toward the end of the zemi, no role-plays are needed. Structured group activities are replaced by "group experiments" that flow organically from our discussion.



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