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"Being a part of an encounter group is hard work and often very emotional work."

Being a part of an encounter group is hard work and often very emotional work. I have never been a part of a group where someone hasn't cried at some point. Actually, I haven't been a part of a group where I haven't teared up at some point. Our emotions tell us what is important, and because this group is focused on really important things, you will feel so many different emotions during the course of the group. You will feel anxious; you will feel sad; you will feel angry; you will feel proud; you will feel excitement; you will feel love too.




None of these emotions will harm you. They are all natural. In fact, they are what really facilitate our learning. I promise you that you will feel uncomfortable, but I also promise that all activities are safe and will not result in any physical, social, or emotional harm. You will see other members struggling from time to time. Let's be sure to show them as much kindness and warmth as possible, and really help support their growth.



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